Pink plate, Wall Decor, Kitchen trivet, Mandala decoration

Pink plate, Wall Decor, Kitchen trivet, Mandala decoration

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One of a kind handwoven decor plate from Egypt.

This plate is made using palm leaves and the center is genuine leather. Authentic art from Egyptian desert inhabitants.

Unique large Egyptian Decor Plate, Wall Art, Wall Hanging, Handmade woven, Bohemian decor, TRIBAL, Egyptian heritage, Palm leaves, Sahara

✓ Uses: Wall Decor, Wall art, Bohemian design, Tribal interiors, Wedding gift.
✓ Style: Bohemian, Simple, Geometric, Sahara, Berber, Moroccan, Egyptian, Islamic.

Size:  Diameter is 26 cm(10").

Material: palm leaves taken from palm dates trees and dates raceme. 

Method: Hand weaving old Egyptian technique.

Easy Care: Can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then let to dry.

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