Nomad Boho woven basket
Nomad Boho woven basket

Nomad Boho woven basket

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Neutral and blue color rustic style Nubian basket from our well preserved old baskets collection. This basket represents the unique basketwork art of Nubia, Egypt 

Baskets are an integral part of the Nubian Ancient Egyptian heritage and lifestyle. Till now they are used in traditional Nubian homes in upper Egypt for storing food and decorating.

Nubian soft baskets have many uses only limited by your imaginations! We use it for shopping, for the beach, for home storage. 

The product is made in Nubia in Egypt from all natural materials that are the date palms leaves and palm raceme so it is 100% sustainable and environment-friendly product. 

✔ 100% Sustainable ✔ 100% Ethnic Nubian Handmade ✔ Unique ✔ Indigenous Handicrafts

Size: ca. 40 cm (15.57) max. Width X 35 cm (13.7") height.

Material: dates palm leaves. 100% sustainable and environmental product. 

Method: 100% handmade, hand braided. 

Easy Care: Can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then let to dry. 

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