Nubian trivet, Palm wicker (Design 128)
Nubian trivet, Palm wicker (Design 128)

Nubian trivet, Palm wicker (Design 128)

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Woven trivets with wonderful colors to change the look of your kitchen/table. Use our trivets inspired by Nubian art to protect your table from hot pots and/or to decorate your kitchen walls. Our hot trivets are made by hand-weaving the threads of the dried palm leaves. The process is helping cleaning the environment as it using agricultural wastes (leaves & raceme).

Size: 23 cm (9").

Colors: Beige (Natural leaves color), Blue, yellow, green.

Material: palm leaves taken from palm dates trees and dates raceme.

Method: Handweaving old Egyptian technique.

Note: Color can differ slightly from piece to another.

Can be cleaned with a damp cloth or brush with a toothbrush/sponge and then let to dry.

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