Woven Ring box, mini jewelry box
Woven Ring box, mini jewelry box
Woven Ring box, mini jewelry box

Woven Ring box, mini jewelry box

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Mini Egyptian authentic jewelry box made with excellence from strands with palm leaves and decorated with stripes of goat leather manually prepared. It is a very rare work with beautiful quality.

Uses: Rings, earrings, jewelry, trinket, DECOR, MOM gift.

Made sustainably from dates palm (leaves). This sturdy box is made by hand-weaving the threads of the dried palm leaves. The process is helping cleaning the environment as it using agricultural wastes (leaves & raceme). 

Woven Ring box, mini jewelry box, Authentic handmade mini pot, Tribal style box, Egyptian, Vintage, Boho decor, Wedding gift, shelf display.

Size: 9 cm (3.5") height X 5 cm (2") diameter "buttom".

Material: Palm leaves and goat leather.

Old leaves from date palm trees. Every year, after collection of dates we need to cut the old leaves as a part of the crop care. Instead of disposal of the leaves that means in many cases burning them, we make our beautiful and useful products out of the scrapped leaves.

Method: woven by hand by an ancient Egyptian method.

Each item is unique so minor variations from the pictures are to be expected and treasured!

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